"Celebrating over 43-years of Educational Ministry"

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Northwestern Christian University


At NCU we practice online open enrollment which allows students to enroll and graduate during every month of the year.

This educational ministry is recognized as a Religious Education Organization in the United States and our educational programs are recognized as Exempt from governmental regulation.

FREE to apply now! No application fees required..

Apply Online Today for a 90-day degree program and Save Not Only On Fees and Tuition costs, but Also Valuable Time!

At NCU all books are provided for free through our large,  online library:

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Northwestern Christian University is a member of The International Association of Christian Theologians

Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the WORD of Truth.
(II Timothy 2:15)

Online Christian University

Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degree Programs

Accelerated and Full Curriculum Programs

Earn your BA, B.TH, MA, M.TH, M.DIV, ThD, PhD, D.MIN, D.D.

NCU Fast Track accelerated degree programs utilize PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) also used by major colleges and universities.

*Qualified by appropriate life, ministry and educational documentation expressed though the NCU PLA (Prior Learning Assessment), transcript supported transfer credits, educational modules, thesis and dissertation requirements.

Over the past 44-years: Governors, Mayors, Judges, Attorneys, Military Generals, College and University Presidents even the former President of an Asian country have all received their degrees from Northwestern Christian University.

Today most colleges and universities are providing the great benefit of PLA (Prior Learning Assessments), for their more experienced students, to translate lifetime learning experience into credits to be legitimately applied to degree programs. This translates into huge savings in both time and educational expense. NCU is providing this great benefit to all qualified students.

98% LESS costly than private universities!

FREE Enrollment and Just $499 at Graduation!

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There are NO hidden fees and even the books are Free!

No associate degree required to enroll in any Bachelor Program!

online christian university

We begin our first educational ministry at the Detroit Christian Guidance Center shown above in 1980

"Celebrating over 44 years of Christian Educational Ministry"

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Normal Full Curriculum Donation is $1,999-  You Save $1,500 Today!

Your donation is reduced to just $499 for 100% ONLINE study.

Worldwide Physical branches charge additional for graduation cermonies. 

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SPECIAL! NEW COURSES ADDED:  NCU is now offering a optional (Non Mandatory)   5-Course Core Curriculum to provide a solid Biblical foundation for all degree programs. The 5- courses provide 25-extra credits and are offered as a NON-Mandatory option. The Core Courses are: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Bible Study Methods, Hermeneutics and Systematic Theology.

      Do these concerns apply to you?

  • online christian degreesHave a desire to study online and prepare yourself for a Christian ministry field, yet do not know where to start?

  • Felt a call of God on your life but do not have funds for paying high costs of degree programs in traditional universities?

  • Desire to study but your time is limited and not sure of how much time you can actually dedicate to your studies?

  • You desire to obtain a theologically accredited online Accelerated Christian university degree and save time by not repeating courses you have already completed?

  • Desire to save more time and expense by receiving credit for your previous life, employment, military, training certificates and prior educational experience?

  • Desire to begin your Accelerated Online Christian University degree program without delay and work at your own pace without having to wait for beginning of a new semester? At NCU you can begin immediately!

The NCU Accelerated Online Christian University Opportunity may be the solution you are in search of. You are in the right place at the perfect time!. 




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Photo above shows our University (ThD) Doctor of Theology Degree

Northwestern Christian University, a division of Christian Alliance Ministries, has been established to serve the Christian community in achieving their goals of obtaining a theologically accredited Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate Degree in various fields through Accelerated Online Christian education.

NCU Accelerated Online Christian University Degree programs are part of an educational ministry that has been serving Christian students for over 42 years.

Graduate School, Graduate Studies, Undergraduate, Degree Completion,  Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D,Doctor, Doctoral, Distance, Divinity,Divinity School,Seminary, Northwestern, graduate, undergraduateAt Northwestern Christian University, you can earn theologically accredited, online Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Christian Degrees in ten fields of advanced study including theology, through online distance education. Be sure to select your field of study on the NCU application, which you can submit electronically today.

Allow us to assist you in obtaining your Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate Accelerated Online Christian University Degrees through our specialized research based programs. It is possible to get credits for life experience, as well as education obtained through conferences and even classes taken at your own church, other Bible Colleges, job or military assignments.

Also, you may qualify to receive substantial credits for Life and Ministerial Experience. The PLA/ Prior Learning Assessment system for qualifying such credits is used by major universities in the United States. Many appropriate credits can be supported through your secular work experience, Educational Records, and Ministerial Experience. The balance will be fulfilled through NCU  formulated educational modules, thesis (or) dissertation.

A Bachelor Degree at NCU qualifies for acceptance to  NCU Master's Program and a Master's Degree qualifies for acceptance to NCU Doctoral Programs. BA, MA, ThD and PhD Programs are all provided at NCU eliminating the need to transfer to another University.

Still More Savings!

online education, educational, doctorate, educational, distance, learning, graduate, collegesYou will NEVER be required to buy text books at Northwestern Christian University.  For research and learning, you will always have  free access to our 50,000 free e-books, through our state of the art ONLINE LIBRARY at 

Northwestern Christian University provides support for our ministry / missionaries through love offers in lieu of tuition donations only.

ANY QUESTIONS? Carefully Read Thru The Website Pages.

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May God lead and direct your path as you seek to obtain your Accelerated Online Degrees by way of our  Online Christian University learning programs.

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