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Christian Education

Earn your theologically accredited Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate Degree in less time and with great savings!


Thank you for supporting our educational ministries at

Northwestern Christian University

Celebrating Over 42-Years of Educational Ministry Since 1980

NCU Educational Donations

Payment For Enrollments:   Full NCU Donation $1,990

Option A: $995 upon approval of your application and remaining balance of $995 due upon completion after grading and prior to award of your degree.

Option B: $495 now and $1,495 due at graduation, prior to receiving your degree.

Options C: NCU Branch Students only: Free enrollment and donation to be determined by your NCU Branch President/Director

Contact NCU today about our special anniversary savings opportunity.

E-mail us now at: 

NCU donations are used for missionary support.

                    We thank you for helping to support this

worldwide Christ centered ministry!

“Celebrating  Christian Educational Ministry since 1980”

Bring your whole tithe into the temple so that we may have food for the ministry and test me in this says the Lord, if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour a blessing upon you that is more than you can hold.
(Malachi 3:10) paraphrase

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