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Federal Agents Report

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A Report From Miguel A. Contreras, a U.S. Federal Agent, concerning: Northwestern Theological Seminary and Christian University

Dear Christian Friends:

It is with great appreciation for this educational ministry and as an encouragement to you, that I write this short message in response to your interest in attending Northwestern.  

I can attest that Northwestern has very stringent standards and expectations from the students.  Christian Alliance Ministries has two professional educational ministries. These include Northwestern Christian University and Northwestern Theological Seminary. Northwestern is state authorized and theologically accredited and should definitively not be compared with deceptive organizations, many of which are headquartered overseas, which are advertising on the Internet and are nothing less than diploma mills, granting valueless degrees.  

As a Federal Agent attached to several bureaus of the Department of the Treasury, I have over twenty-four years of working as an agent with the US federal government, BATF, DEA, CUSTOMS and INTERNAL AFFAIRS and I have traveled all over the world specializing in Internet fraud and other types of investigations.  In fact, I have visited and developed fellowships with high-ranking officials of well-known higher education institutions all over the world.  

I had the opportunity of having attended Michigan State University (MSU) where I obtained my BA, and completed one year of graduate work in criminal justice administration in 1981, the year I accepted a job with the US government on the West coast and had to relocate.  MSU was one of the top universities offering under-graduate and graduate degrees in criminal justice.  I also attended the University of Leicester's graduate program in security management, in the UK.

In 2002, I engaged in extensive biblical studies and received ordinations as a minister/reverend from Christian organizations after passing rigorous written examinations.  Later, I decided to look for a theological institution offering quality education.  After spending considerable time researching the Internet looking for what I considered a good graduate school offering Master and Doctoral degrees at a reasonable expense, I found Northwestern Theological Seminary (NTS). In comparison with other schools which charged anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 to complete a graduate degree programs in theology, I opted for Northwestern Theological Seminary, which provided the quality of a state authorized educational program with theological accreditation at a cost that was affordable, by Love Offer to the ministry.  Believe me, I prayed to the Lord for days before I applied with Northwestern.  I asked he Holy Spirit to lead me and show me the way.....Then finally, as a test, I wrote to Northwestern Theological Seminary  and offered a complex theological question which was immediately answered.....this was not a one single line response......Dr. Sarkela's response took almost one full page, single spaced....He quoted the Bible extensively and what he wrote made sense.....I was convinced as a servant and follower of our Father in Heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ, that Northwestern Theological Seminary, was a good school. Therefore, without any reservation, I highly recommend Northwestern Christian University, Northwestern Theological Seminary and Christian Alliance Ministries, Worldwide Educational and Evangelistic Ministries.


Miguel A. Contreras


Agent Contreras is a former U.S. Federal Agent and has served over 25 years with the The US Government. He announced his retirement in October of 2006.

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